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Important Notes About Your PIN Number


  • You cannot change your PIN.
  • You may only receive your PIN via regular mail to your registered address.
  • If you open a second account, you will receive a unique PIN for that account.
  • If you register a new address in the Cashier, a new PIN will be mailed to you.
  • All withdrawals from your Ecash account will require your PIN.

What is my PIN?

Your Personal Identification Number (PIN) is a unique number that is generated for your Ecash account and mailed to your registered mailing address the following business day after you make your first live bet in the casino.

Why do I need a PIN?

You will need your PIN to withdraw money from your Ecash account or to make Credit Card deposits (once you have deposited a cumulative total of US$500 or more).

How do I get my PIN?

Your PIN is mailed to you the business day after you place your first live bet in the casino (NOT practice mode). For security reasons, your PIN is not transmitted via telephone, fax, or e-mail.

I haven't received my PIN and it has been 2-3 weeks since I've made my first deposit in the casino.

Please verify your registered address. To do this, select Personal Options from the Cashier screen and confirm that your address information is accurate. Be careful of any words you may have abbreviated, and make any necessary corrections. Once you have submitted these changes by clicking the OK button, your updated information will be sent to our Ecash provider, CryptoLogic, and they will mail you a new PIN.

If your registered address is correct, please contact cryptologic at pin@cryptologic.com requesting a resend.

I've lost my PIN.

Our Ecash provider, CryptoLogic, will need to re-send your PIN to you via regular mail. For security reasons your PIN will not be transmitted via telephone, fax, or e-mail. If you lose your PIN, please contact cryptologic at pin@cryptologic.com and request a resend.

I created a second account, can I use the same PIN in the new account that I did in my old one?

A PIN is generated and mailed to you for each account you open. PINs are specific for the account they were made for and are not transferable to other accounts.

I have 5 accounts and 5 PIN letters; how do I know which PIN goes with which account?

The account for which that PIN was created appears on the PIN letter. Your 6-digit account number is prefaced on the letter with the code CB00. Not sure what your current account number is? Click HERE to link to Login Information to learn how you can find out.

I thought I could deposit up to $500 without my PIN, but when I tried to make a deposit the system would not let me without entering my PIN.

If you have an Ecash account with any of CryptoLogic's other casino merchants, the system will recognize that and add up the total credit card deposits of all Ecash accounts you have with them when calculating whether or not you have met the pre-PIN $500 deposit maximum. If you know you have other Ecash accounts and cannot make your first credit card deposit without your PIN, please send an e-mail to pin@cryptologic.com. You may also make a deposit by cheque or Money Order.

I entered my PIN to make a deposit/withdrawal, but I got the error message “Invalid PIN number”.

First, be sure you have entered your PIN correctly. If you have more than one account, make sure you are entering the correct PIN for that Ecash account. Not sure what your current account number is? Click HERE to link to Login Information to learn how you can find out.

To verify your account number, select “Deposit” from the Ecash screen and click on the “Cheque” tab. Here you will see your six digit account number displayed in the “Sender's account number with company” field. Please compare this account number with the one displayed on your PIN letter (it is shown as the last six digits beside your alias in brackets). If you compare these two numbers and they are the same, please contact cryptologic at pin@cryptologic.com. If they are different, you are using the wrong PIN number for that account.

When I opened my account my PIN worked fine, but now when I try to use it I get the error message “Invalid PIN number”.

When you opened your first account, your credit card did not have a history in the Ecash system. Therefore, you may deposit up to $500 using any credit card before you will be required to enter your PIN. Even if you do enter a PIN before you reach the $500 maximum, the program will not check the PIN field until you exceed the $500 mark. Once you try to deposit over $500, you must enter the PIN that was mailed to you.


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