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The object of Roulette is to bet on which numbered pocket a ball will come to rest in. On an American Roulette wheel there are 38 pockets numbered 0, 00, and 1-36.
There are eleven types of bets in American Roulette. All are explained later under Betting Options. After you place your bets, the ball is spun and the outcome is determined by where the ball lands. If any of your bets are related to the outcome, you win!Although the arrangement of the numbers on the roulette wheel may look arbitrary, the high, low, even, odd numbers are, in fact, mathematically balanced. The zero and double zero stand alone and the odd and even numbers alternate.
Table Conditions
  • All bets must be placed before the ball is spun.
  • Minimum total bet is $1 (for inside bets) or $5 (for outside bets).
  • Maximum total bet is $300.


  • A display board shows the history of the last 11 outcomes.



Betting Options
The following table explains all bet types and the odds that each winning bet pays. Bet types are considered either inside or outside bets.


Bet Type Place a Bet… Odds
Straight up directly on any single number (including zero and double-zero). 35:1
Split on a line between any two numbers. 17:1
Street at the far end of any row of three numbers. A street bet covers all three numbers. 11:1
Corner at the corner where four numbers meet. All four numbers are covered. 8:1
Five on the intersection at the far end of the first two rows of numbers. This bet covers five numbers: zero, double zero, one two and three. 6:1
Line on the line at the far end of any two rows of numbers. This bet covers six numbers. 5:1
Column on one of the boxes marked “2 – 1” at the end of the table. Each column covers 12 numbers. (Neither the zero nor the double zero are covered by any of the columns). 2:1
Dozen on one of the areas marked “1st 12”, “2nd 12” or “3rd 12”. Each dozen covers 12 numbers. 2:1
Red / Black directly on the red or black diamond. Each area covers 18 numbers. 1:1
Even / Odd directly on the word Even or Odd. Each area covers 18 numbers. 1:1
Low / High directly on the box “1-18” or “19-36”. Each area covers 18 numbers. 1:1

Once a spin is complete, the winning number will be noted on the table with a marker. Winning bets will have a “W” chip placed on top of them. Bets on red, black, odd, even, 1 to 18, and 19 to 36 will have a “1/2” chip placed on top of them if a zero or double-zero is rolled to signify that half of the bet is returned according to the zero and double-zero rule.

A few words of caution: Bets are “paid as they lay”. Make sure to place your bets exactly where you want them to be. If you intended to place a bet straight up on 17 but the bet ends up touching the line between 17 and 20, you will be paid for a split if 17 is the outcome. (You will also be paid for a split if 20 is the outcome!)

Zero and Double Zero Rule
When the ball lands on “zero” or “double zero”, wagers on red, black, odd, even, 1 to 18, and 19 to 36 are not entirely lost. Instead, each player having made such a bet will lose only half of the original amount bet. For example, if a player places a bet of $10 on red and a double zero is rolled, the player will lose $5 and be able to remove the other $5 from the table.

Playing the Game
The game starts when you place a bet. As mentioned earlier in Betting Options, there are numerous bets that can be made. The details of placing bets can be read in Placing Bets on Table Games. It is strongly recommended that you read these Common Factors before playing. After placing your bets, spin the ball. To do this, left-click the Spin button or the wheel head, or hit Enter on your keyboard. When the ball lands in a pocket, the dealer will make the outcome announcement, remove all bets from the layout and place a marker on the outcome number.

All bets you placed that are related to the outcome will be totaled and paid to you. The amount of your win will be displayed on the lower left side of the game. This amount includes all winning bets placed and your winnings. It does not factor in losing bets. For example, if you bet $1 straight up on numbers 2, 11, 16, 21, and 25, your total bet is $5. If the outcome is 16, your win amount will be $36; the amount you won, $35, plus your winning bet of $1. After winning bets are paid, the marker is removed from the layout. Place another bet to play again.

A chat window will automatically pop-up every time you enter a multi-player game in the casino. You may chat with others at the table by typing in a message at the bottom of the chat window and pressing Enter. If you prefer not to chat, you may close the chat window by clicking on the “x” button in the top right hand corner of the chat window. You may reopen the chat window at any time by clicking on “Chat” in the top menu bar.

Please refrain from using any language or discussing topics that others may deem offensive. Failure to comply with this rule may result in your removal from the casino. If you feel that someone is abusing this rule, please send an e-mail to our support team and we will look into it.

Keyboard Shortcuts for Roulette

Keyboard Shortcut Result
0 Repeat last bet
Enter (on number pad only) Spin
Up Arrow Increase bet in $1 increments
(Shift)Up Arrow Increase bet in $10 increments
Down Arrow Decrease bet in $1 increments
(Shift)Down Arrow Decrease bet in $10 increments


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